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The town Bardolino has given its name to a Wine DOC, famous in the whole world, the Bardolino Wine. Therefore, when you are staying at Bardolino, you must visit the wine museum (since 1968), just on the road to Calmasino. This museum gives information of vineyards, vine grapes, machineries etc. , even to admire are  some antique tools. On Via Gardesana, between Cisano and Bardolino, you can find an oil museum, with an antique oil press, some mill -stones and a lot of tools, used in those days. A real attraction is the reconstruction of an original oil- mill of the 18th. century. The locality Cisano was inhabited just during the Prehistoric and too, a testimony of the Bronze Ages were found nearby the port: some archaeological excavations. Then they found tombs of the glorified Roman domination. Very interesting is the parish church of Cisano, a Roman church, built on the ruins of a Pagan temple and restored during the Neoclassic period, in 1854. The building has a wonderful facade, to admire is the half round apse and the beautiful steeple. In the apse you can see two painted faces, some people say, that these faces present Adam and Eve, others tell, the faces belong to the architects of the building. (if you would like to visit the church, you can ask the pastor). The front surface presents a relief of a horseman on its left side and a relief of an eagle, a horse and a fish on the right side. These are symbolic figures, the horseman will be the symbol for the soldiers, the eagle for the nation. The fish is the symbol for fishermen, the horse for farmers.

But Cisano is well known for its festival "Sagra dei Osei". This famous popular event takes place in the first week of September, every year. Innumerable exhibitors are showing various kinds of birds and little animals, some are for sale. Gastronomic stands  are competing each one  with the other one; there are large tents, where you can taste typical dishes and see shows, for example the famous bird voice  imitations. But the greatest popular festivity of Bardolino is the famous "La Festa dell'Uva", regularly celebrated in October. Just a month before you can find little stands in the historical centre, where you can taste fresh grape juice. When the real festival begins, the whole town Bardolino turns into an open air festival performance, coloured with a lot of gastronomic stands and wine bars, where they offer all sorts of wine. Each guest receives his own glass with a cord  round the neck, then you have to pass each wine stand, tasting the different qualities. Special and typical meals underline this "way of life", there are  Risotto, fresh fish, Gnocchi, Fritelle con la Mortadella and chestnuts etc. Bardolino offers many musical surprises, Big Bands and Mary go rounds for kids and at least big fireworks.