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The "barchessa" is a building typical of the architecture of the Venetian villa, which was used for storing agricultural equipment and food supplies. In the area of ​​the Republic of Venice the buildings "barchesse", with their large arches, were almost always positioned on the side of the villa (manor house) and, usually, an integral part of a large complex of architectural Palladian style.

The Barchessa Rambaldi, located in the historic center of Bardolino, a constitutive part of the ancient palace of the Marquis Rambaldi (XV century). The building was transformed in "barchessa" in 1700 for the needs of agricultural management, and after a period of neglect in the recent past, has been returned to its former glory and restored as an exhibition space.

Inaugurated in 1996 with a solo exhibition of Miguel Berrocal (sculptor 1933-2006) hosted today countless art exhibitions. Since 2008, the space of Barchessa Rambaldi becomes a modern lounge bar with exhibitions and art exhibitions inside.